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Tran Thi Huong Giang

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12 years experience in consulting, organizing training courses and workshops for SMB and youths

Administrating project websites as responsible editor and designer website for Youthspark Career Readiness – Microsoft project (

Participated in marketing online for SMB belong to Youthspark Career Readiness – Microsoft project

Participated in TOT of Youthspark Career Readiness project

Taking over responsibilities as Co-Trainer in MarketingStart-up and IT Trainings of Youthspark Career Readiness – Microsoft project

Consulting business plan for SMB

Designing promotional materials of projects for exhibitions and trade fairs

Conducting surveys for projects such as animal/livestock feed (Government), subcontracting industry (UNIDO), enhancing competitiveness (Japan Economic Research Institute Inc. - JERI)

VCCI’s codinator for Facebook project

Very good English