Build Your Business: A Micro and Small Scale Business Development Training Course

Microsoft Build Your Business Curriculum goes online!

In an effort to accelerate entrepreneurship development and enabling youth with innovative learning mechanisms, Microsoft India takes the Build Your Business curriculum online. Developed by Microsoft in Middle East Africa in partnership with the International Youth Foundation and localized by Microsoft India with support from QUEST Alliance, the Entrepreneurship curriculum is an interactive training designed to introduce entrepreneurs to the basic ideas, activities and skills needed to successfully launch and grow a small enterprise. It covers essential steps such as market research, developing an effective sales pitch, and ways to obtaining start-up capital. The curriculum is designed as a series of modules, and in India, it features several case studies, providing students with insights into local business practices.
We partnered with Education team to get the curriculum online, it is now hosted on the Microsoft Education Team’s course portal: Dsaksharta; to expand the reach of the curriculum to a much wider group of youth and also work towards Government collaborations on leveraging the curriculum. Additionally, an assessment component has been integrated into the curriculum to measure benefits of the course module and certify users who have successfully completed the training. Read More
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